I’m in a world where the map of
Love couldn’t locate my feelings,

“One would think it’s sanity
Making grasses my close Ally,
But they grow out another hope Everytime
Even after when they’ve been killed”

Standing before you is
Like an arrow pierced my heart,
That I couldn’t help myself
Think of survival.

The voices in my head are tired of crying,
Because in the botanical garden
They’re like leaves falling without being heard.

The bucket of tears before me
Is competing with the ocean,
Yet not big enough to carry aloof my sorrows.

The one I love has chosen to hate
And the hate I give just chose to cry.

I watch as my emotions recede
Like a balding hair,
For every rejection of my desires
Is a mental torture,
My smiles are starving
And my wishes are on hold.

I’m in a world where loneliness alone
Understand the meaning of survival…

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