With the code
I always feel I’m safe
Even in the hands of Uther

But I’ve forgotten there’s
A Collin morgan around the corner
Who can open all doors with his

If this is the same with love,
Dearly beloveth
Keys do have master key.

Some men will come
Some men will go
But the code,
The one to your heart
Remains their reason.

We’ll have some men
Gathering in the circle of mockery
And we’ll have some
Trying to face bottles for rejection

Whichever way you choose to see it
The code,
The one to your heart
Remains their reason.

They’ll surely beg and want
The code to your love
But will never assure you eternity,

And they’ll surely make you eat
From the place of deciet
True love resides
In the heart of a man
Even which your heart knows

Let their reasons
Be the CODE.

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