The Evelz Story

The Evelz Story

On the 8th day of dis-gust in the year ’14,
It was an innocent afternoon,
Interrupted by one idle moment.

I can still hear it, even in the quiet moments.
I can still hear that “Time”, telling me I can’t
Go without loving her.

Before then I had been praying to God
To have Joy,
But Joy still have a mother and she’s not ready
To let-go,
I prayed to have happiness too, but her father wouldn’t just allow,
And i prayed to have you too, but you told the same
Joy and happiness Story.

Then I looked into the eyes of the pasts,
Cos there’s a past after the past,
Everything I saw was just you.
Can’t you least be the future,
If not the present?.

Remembered the day you ask me what would
Happen if we meet and fall in love?
Did you know when two stars collide,
The entire universe gets lit up.

Funny how everyday and till this day,
I’ve not changed the meme of my words.
I know your heart’s worth a diamond,
But my love’s diamond itself.

It’s another 8th day of dis-gust in the year 20,
And the story still continues,
Maybe the same day took different years
To have the same story, but forever it will
Long as love is the story being told.

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