“My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God only is all knowing”. The major problem or I would say one of the major problems, for there are several but one of the many major problem with governing people is that of “whom” you get to do it; because it is a well known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto those least suited to do it, so I call them “paranoid” based on their irrationality, they know little of what’s going on. No wonder it is no doubt that the Nigerian-state itself is based on rational self interest, “Nigeria’s leadership jinx flows out of three conundrums, these are the “US versus THEM”, the “POWER versus RESPONSIBILITY” and the “LOYALTY versus COMPETENCE”.

And many times we’ve talked about the conundrums happening and the cinematography in Nigerian politics and an ideologist once said that all we need is people, just people with this alacrity for pacific peace and success but today, it’s hard, agitating and appalling, out of the few people we have, who I would say are enthusiastic about politics, still lacks indepth knowledge about governance, for this reason, I would like to address the issue of political and leadership deficit, incompetency and ineligibility as one of the menace in the Nigerian-state because Aristotle once said that “a politician is a prophet”, therefore a good politician must have foresight.

Also the impunity in government is on the high side, many government officials are not conscious of the fact that there’s a dichotomy between the “office” and the “office-holder”. Official dom should not be sacrificed on the altar of unethical conduct.

Theoretically, I am saying that our major problem is our leaders who have failed to live up to expectations and also the fact that the people, the entire community who are still wallowing in the pains and corrupt practices of their pasts, the people who have lost the sight to visualize and build a better tomorrow.

See, our society is void of hope, hunger to build our crumbling society and joint hustle to change the nature of our society.

When I look at our present society, it saddens me, all I see is bunch of people who have surrendered defeat by various ills, putting them in bondage to the law, making them being frightened of freedom, and these should not be but i see this country being what it is because our citizens are what they’re too, unlike the past when we had the likes of Dele Giwa, Fela kuti, Nnamdi Azikwe, Gani Fawehinmi and other patriots who serve as symbols of hope and strive for a better community.

How excruciating these things are, we deny ourselves of justice and freedom because of the fear of taking responsibilities, maybe we don’t know that we created the state, then justice and freedom should be too, government should not supervise religion, the press or free speech, we’ve forgotten that what is good in the state is good in the individual also.

Virtue is part of statemanship and true politics is ethics in action, so there should be freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear, till then maybe my assertion can come to being and there’ll be a balance of harmony. But those with pen who are supposed to be the voice of the masses (the writers and journalist) are afraid to speaking of the ills and evils of our society, our reputable politicians who are supposed to serve the people are more not less a parasitic worm sucking away life out of our society, even the holy house that should be our haven is led by ridiculous (self proclaimed) men of God. Our problem is so much that’s it’s so unspeakable of.

The redemption we need in the Nigerian-state will come into fruition when the electorates and the leaders change their perception about governance, we should de-emphasize the potency of money in our electoral process.

Again, although Niccollo Machiavelli said that “politics have no relations to morals” but we’re talking about life and life is politics and politics is life, the whole aim and purpose of human existense.but there is also an of issue of social immoralities among people (both young and adults).
Social immoralities are acts characterized by degrading, obnoxious and vile actions, this rife can’t be eliminated but could only be mitigated by elucidating the young ones on the abysmal consequences of all kinds of social immoralities, therefore, moral studies should be introduced in the primary stage of the education sector in Nigeria so as to curb all diverse of degrading acts and putrescence. This is a primary origin of menace in Nigeria and every other parts of the world. Social immorality breeds every other menaces affecting the Nigeria state and government such insurgency, corruption, political tantrums, armed robbery and so on.

Nigeria can be great, Nigeria can have a strong voice among the comity of Nations. Nigeria’s economy can be vaible, Nigeria can be a model to other countries in the world, Nigeria will develop when we address the problem of leadership deficit.

Athough I am disappointed as you’re disappointed too because i believe that many of you would have been raising eyebrows probably because I have failed to talk about our dwindling economy and the boko haram insurgency as the major threat in Our country but no, “peace is always within if we want it” so I don’t see that as a threat. Moreso, William Turdoff said that “generally, African states are poor” but our poor economy is as a result of corruption, so a moral strength and moral sausion sounds the best weapon to engage and conquer corruption but to mitigate these challenges, there’s also a need for paradigm shift in war against corruption. This is a prescience and no good will come until the need is done, even Plato argued “that power in a good system of government, should be concentrated in the hand of a philosopher”, lovers of wisdom, those that seeks truth through reasoning, those that are with views and Outlook regarding fundamental principles, those with morals, but until then, will our assertions be able to come true, the “fair and just” land we’ve always wanted.


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