Who knows those who know
About the death of Kashimawo
but never tell for us to know?.

There’s an untold Story,
So ask your father,
It’s the same old story.
“Lion was killed with a butterfly punch”
But how long do we continue to mourn
In the of face their lies,
How long?

This untold story must be told,
Abiola was a “villainous hero”?
Yet we’ve made it seems like a
Messiah did not live,
Or shall we revoke the spirit of
Because the democracy we’re celebrating
Is still being celebrated under a military rule.

Who shall leak out the secret,
of how trampled was the voice of a political saint,
A man whose words need no Oracle
For he is an Oracle himself so truthful.
He saw the future from the present
And gave his wows for a better government,
He battled the deceit that overshadowed politics
And never consented to their atrocities.

There are untold stories of how the fearless,
Was buried subtly to eternal recess
His stance was flawless,
And the mass support,peerless,
But how he was given to silence
Is an enclosed story that needs brightness.

The icon of exploits and legacy is gone;
Battled with the tongues that mumble lies.
The identity of integrity in his lawns of regalia;
Torn apart from wretch hands of faces behind the mask.
Tell it to the tomorrow offsprings that the lion was killed with a stone
Afterall, that was what they fed us.

A duet by Akintunde Abiola, Ojo Oluwaseun and Jayne Omotoyosi David. 

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  1. Nice duet here. May God help us, it is only God that can settle this matter. This piece will be more appreciated if the Writers spill their initial intentions which later cornered to look like the old lies.

    1. Thank you very much Mr Aderenle Adebayo.
      What actually piqued my interest in writing this poem is because we’ve made democracy Utopian and merely illusion of reality in the Nigerian-state, yet we keep celebrating a democracy that has been butchered in memory of june 12, and ever since, we’ve also make it seems like a messiah didn’t live and that’s lackadaisical.
      I actually believe there’s something and more to the cause of Abiola’s death which shouldn’t be concealed anymore because we can’t continue to tell the same old Story to our offsprings.

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