Unending Love

Unending Love


I reminisce those promises made
Under the Catholic of belief
When I married my feelings
To you on the night of Sabbath,

I held a competition with God,
But it wasn’t on his power
Or the beauty of what he created,
It was on the love i have
For the “you” he created.

And you would think
The love humans have for chickens
Is not humanly,
But don’t believe in the emnity
Between the day and night,
Do see from afar, 
I’m still the light that makes way
For you
In the darkness of hatred.

Even when the sheep
Decided to path way with
The goat,
We’ve witnessed times again
When they still feed together on the
Same grass.

Leave the umbrella to deny
Us friendship seeing the rain,
Our arms is enough to make a home.

If it’s not forever! 
Today, tomorrow and everyday,
I’ll always dream of you,
And the times we loved…

(In memory of Umeh Francisca).


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