How I almost missed an exam

How I almost missed an exam

December 1st, last year which was a Sunday and also the World AIDS Day, I participated in the HIV Self-Testing contest organised by “4 Youth by Youth” to commemorate the World AIDS Day at Police Training College, Ikeja Lagos.
After the contest which ended around 6pm, a program that was supposed to end by 4pm but you know now, this is Nigeria, I went back to Iyana-Ipaja where I stayed with my boss, Iyiola. After getting my things together, I headed out, hoping I would get a bus to Ibadan from iyana-ipaja because I know I can’t get a bus to Ife by that time. I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Hassan Alaka, a microbiology student from Obafemi Awolowo University(OAU), Ife.

After trying to get a bus to Ibadan from iyana-ipaja which I didn’t, I boarded a danfo to Oshodi and guess what? I used 1hr30mins inside traffic as per say this is Lagos. I got to Oshodi and saw a bus going to Ibadan, luckily for me, I was the last person to enter bus. The time was already 9pm. We got moving and the journey was smooth until we got to one place like that, we entered go-slow, the thing long. I slept and woke up inside the go-slow. The time was already some minutes to 11pm. After we were able to maneuver our way out of the traffic, the journey was then smooth again and we got to Ibadan around some minutes to 12am. Knowing we’ll that I cannot enter UI by that time, I was already thinking of where I will sleep. Bad thoughts started coming, is this how they will use me do ritual? But thanks to God, someone came through for me. I didn’t know him from Adam but he was willing to help me. I was skeptical at first but I had no choice. I got to his apartment and I was forming stronghead, not to sleep and I was reading (remember, I have exam in the morning) but you know now, nature can’t be cheated, I slept.

I was woken up by the sound of the Adhan (Muslim call to prayer). I got up immediately and I headed to Iwo road to board a bus to Ife. I was feeling pressed and I needed to defecate but I didn’t want to disturb my helper. When I got to Iwo road, I found a filling station so I could defecate but unfortunately for me, their toilet was locked and the attendant couldn’t find the key. I accepted my fate and entered the bus to Ife. This was where the real saga began.

The journey was good and again, I was feeling pressed and I needed to defecate. I was like, how will I tell this driver that I want to defecate? I kept it to myself at first but when the situation was getting out of hand, I called the attention of the driver and he stopped for me. The kind of speed that I used to rush out of the bus ehn, Hussain Bolt cannot compete with me. I eased myself and I entered the bus. The time was already some minutes to 8. I was sad at the moment. Is this how I’m going to miss this exam and have carryover? I thought to myself. After moving some distance, I felt another urge to defecate but this time I kept it to myself. I held it till I got to Ife. When I got to campus gate, I couldn’t hold it again. I dropped my bag under the overhead bridge at campus gate and I dashed into the bushy bush in front of school and I relieved myself of the load in my belly. The time was already past 8. I took a bike from the gate to 1000 seaters lecture theatre where I had the exam. When I got to Students Union Building, I remembered I had no pencil. I wanted to buy but there was no change. I then saw someone from my town and I collected the pencil she had with her. I got to the exam hall and to my biggest surprise, they have not started the exam. Some minutes later, I was called and I entered the hall. Inside the hall, I visited the toilet three times before I could finish my exam. How I passed the exam is still a miracle to me; that was a sign that God never fails.

        …THE END…

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