Clad in a white abaya with golden stripes, I saw an Aphrodite in a human form at Eid ground. With her head covered with a white hijab which extended to her bosom, she could pass for an Arabian queen. Her smile was a very captivating one, revealing the set of white teeth with a diastema in between the incisors. I am not a fan of love at first sight but this time around, I fell in love with her smile. 


Should we talk about her beauty? If her beauty is compared to that of the goddesses, it would rival that of the Venus. I will write it over and over again, that her beauty charms all and her smiling face radiates love to all. Her dimple was like an adornment to an already beautiful face – it makes her super beautiful. Her ample bosom resting well on her chest was really a sight to behold – very captivating that it made me salivate. With a very nice body shape, straight legs and good curves, Katrina Kaif cannot even do pass her. 


Of every girl I’ve ever seen, she remains the most beautiful.

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