AmEDs: Going the extra mile for love

AmEDs: Going the extra mile for love

On a sunny afternoon, I made my way into the cafeteria situated in my hall of residence. Right next to me at the cashier stand was a fellow student well known to me. He was standing next a beautiful 19 year-old lady which I assumed to be his girlfriend. He was holding a bottle of beer and to my surprise, he ordered a can of Monster, an energy drink and got a bottle of Fanta for the lady. As curious as I was, I had to follow up the curiosity burning in me. Not long after, they went to his room in the hall of residence. I waited for an hour in the room next to his, which was inhabited by a close friend of mine.
On hearing the creaking sound of the door, I jumped into action. Lo and behold! The girl that looked so vibrant and tidy about an hour ago had transformed to disheveled and shabbily dressed in appearance. Due to their exhaustion and perspiration, it was not far-fetched that they just had pre-marital sex. That aside, I was surprised how this playboy knew about AmEDs.
AmEDs refers to a drink made from mixing alcohol with energy drinks. Drinking AmEDs has now become trendy. The combination makes drinkers feel more stimulated than alcohol. It also gives the drinker sexual energy comparable to sexual enhancers such as Viagra. According to Cecile Marczinki, assistant professor of psychology at Northern Kentucky University, mixing alcohol and energy drinks makes you feel more stimulated and happier. However, it makes the individual feel less impaired that they are likely to have poor judgment of what they are capable of doing.
Over the past decade, caffeinated energy drinks mixed with alcohol have become an increasingly common feature of the youth’s recreational landscape, with about one in six university students taking this combo. Research suggests possible relationship between AmED use and the likelihood of sexual risk-related outcomes or risk tolerant attitudes such as being sexually aggressive or promiscuous. AmEDs have stronger effects than alcohol alone, it reinforces the desire to drink more heavily. It also makes the drinker undermine unintended sexual risk taking as said earlier. In a nutshell, it makes the user feel less concerned about unprotected sexual intercourse.
Youths have been advised to let their alcohol intake be at minimal level, energy drinks also should not be consumed in an addictive manner. AmEDs is a very dangerous combination and it is best to desist from mixing alcohol with energy drinks.

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