A story…

A story...

It started when I got to know about the Tell! Campus Ambassadors 2020 from someone’s WhatsApp status update but I overlooked it until my friend Ameenah told me about it and said we should both apply. We did and were asked to submit a write up on the website. To show my “lack of Interest” I just dug up one of my old write ups and submitted. I never imagined that I would be selected or anything. My main reason for applying was because Ameenah asked me to. Lol.

I totally forgot that I applied for anything until I received a call from Toheeb Ojuolape a few weeks later to participate in an Interview. I remember being vexed by his call that day because he disrupted my sleep.
Well to cut the story short, I was selected as the Campus Ambassador for Tell! Community, University of Ilorin.

I am sad I am about to pass this responsibility to a new person because it does not feel like it’s up to a year and I was not able to achieve all we planned due to the pandemic and ASUU strike.
I will however say that we achieved a lot nevertheless. As the Tell! Campus Ambassador for University of Ilorin, my first assignment was to create a community of creative writers and writing enthusiasts. This gave me the knowledge of the process of registering an association in school which is a bonus for me in case I want to do so again in future.
I and my team drafted a constitution, did publicity and got a reasonable number of people who showed interest in joining the community. Some even paid the membership fee immediately. Our planned physical activities were not feasible because of the strike. However, we did a lot of online activities ranging from quizzes to games, discussions, interview and poetry. We even published an anthology.

I can confidently state that being the President of Tell! Community, University of Ilorin was one of my best experiences in school. This is mainly because I had an amazing team and I always wonder what I would have done without them, especially when my phone got spoilt and they handled all the online activities excellently.

I have realized that handling a position of leadership is not as difficult as I used to think. As long as you have good team members like I did, you all will carry one another along and will feel motivated to do better.
I hereby encourage you to try to be on this program as nothing will make you regret doing so. This is because you would not be doing any work alone but with your team. You would also have mentors and be exposed to a lot of free Internship programs.

The Campus Ambassador for UI said and I quote “you have the blank page of your mind waiting to be filled with the ink of learning and you have a pathway to spread the gospel of creativity around your campus”. Believe me when I say this statement is enough motivation for you to partake in the Fellowship Program!

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