Scrabble with Death

Scrabble with Death

The non stop torrential blood ripped out of his wrists. He could see nothing, but could hear and smell death coming close. His body was stiff but his fingers shook. He did not know where he was.

Suddenly, light descended on him and he could finally see a land with a wide expanse of marsh filled with dead rotten bodies and animals. He finally looked at his unclad body and saw his handcuffed bleeding wrists. A feeling of fear swept through him. He was at sea. In a labyrinth of intricacies and confusion he found himself. He tried to remember how he got there but couldn’t.

Suddenly, he felt a twist in his stomach, his intestines clutched to it, dancing and playing ten – ten. Then he realised he was hungry. He had not eaten for hours, maybe days, weeks or months he did not know.

Then it happened. A wild beast came out of nowhere, making unpleasant sounds. He shook in fear as the beast moved closer to him. The end of time had come, he thought. He wanted to run but his legs betrayed him. The beast was coming closer and closer, then he found himself on the floor, with his eyes closed, screaming for help. He could not even hear his own voice.

Suddenly a soft voice called out to him. Then he opened his eyes slowly and looked around. He had been dreaming.

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