I could see him, just lying there, in the middle of the road. No one was making a move to help this man who’s been badly wounded. The crowd just gathered around him taking pictures. God knows who he is. Why isn’t anyone helping out? All these thoughts were running through my mind as I made my way forward through the crowd to help.

“Who are you and what happened?” I asked the man.
“They stabbed me, they want to kill me, save me, please…” Were words I figured out he was mumbling inaudibly. “But who are they?” I figured asking him would be a waste of time, he had already become unconscious.

I ran towards the crowd and asked them for help. Immediately, some people were able to get a cab to take him to the hospital. “What took them so long to figure that out?” I must have thought. Nobody was willing to go with him to the hospital, so, I offered to go with him.

We got to the hospital, I ran in and was shouting “emergency!, emergency!, emergency!”. The nurses on duty immediately swung into action and in no time, the man had been carried to the emergency room and they had started attending to him. After a while, a young doctor came around and said I’d need to make a report as they will be involving the police, as the case may have been an unsuccessful mission by hired assassins. “And you are Mrs..?” He asked with a questioning look on his face. “Oh no! I’m Bisola. Actually, Miss Bisola Awe.” I said, stressing the miss. “He sustained lots of injuries and may be in the hospital for a long time”. He asked me if I knew the man and his family, and I explained the situation to him, that I knew nothing of the man…
All these scenes in my long forgotten memory came flooding back to me. It’s been 4 years, and the man I’d helped out that day is lying on the hospital bed down with fever or so I thought. You must be wondering why we’re at the hospital, don’t be confused, he got out of hospital within 3 weeks after that incident. We got to know his details from the ID cards we got from his wallets, apparently, “they” didn’t succeed in robbing him of his wallet, but they took away his car and almost his life. His name- Kunle Williams, a rich business man. He had had a business transaction with one of his colleagues, and due to a misunderstanding, his colleague had hired some men to assassinate him. I got to know that “they” were hired assassins. His family members were contacted and I only dropped my complimentary card on the mother’s request. After he got discharged from the hospital, he called to appreciate me, that the doctor had explained everything to him. He asked to meet with me and I obliged him, and from there our relationship kicked off.

That was all in the past, now we are happily married with a lovely boy- Ayomide. Kunle had collapsed earlier in the morning after breakfast, on his way to the kitchen. That’s Kunle, he loves to help me out in the kitchen with the dishes. I ran out to call the driver and gatekeeper, he was put in the car and here we are at the hospital. “What could be the problem? Was it the food he just ate? Is he stressed out from all the business travellings and meetings? Is he sick?…” All these questions kept going through my mind as I sat there looking at Kunle’s unconscious body. Thank God Ayo was away on holidays with my mother. The doctor said he’d be fine, that he’s stable, and they will need to carry out some tests to find out the reason for which he collapsed. I was told to go home and pack a few things for him as he’ll be placed on bed rest just to monitor him for a while.

Three days later, Doctor Joye, Kunle’s attending doctor came to his ward to check on him, he was awake and looking better, but was still placed on bed rest. Doctor Joye asked me to see him in his office. After I’d made sure Kunle ate his meal, and took his medications on the nurse’s orders, I went to see the doctor. And the shocking news came. Kunle has a hole in the heart, and a heart transplant will be needed as soon as possible. But, at that moment, there was no heart in the bank, and we could only pray for a miracle in terms of a donor. According to the doctor’s reports, he had about a year and six months to live. Anyway, he was discharged, but he had to cut down on all the stressful travelings and everything else that could stress him. I needed to take time off work too. Anyway, I forgot to mention that I’m a lawyer and I own a law firm.
Kunle needed me, more than ever before, even if the chance of getting a donor may be really slim. I became stronger than ever for Kunle. I never even allowed the fact that he may have a few months left to live get to him. We kept being hopeful, but at the same time not evading the reality. Kunle knew they may not get a heart donor, so he did all he could to set things right before he stopped being around. I love this man so much, beyond praying that God gives him another chance at life, I was there for him, strong for him, and made sure my heart was beating well for him too. It’s been over a year now, and there’s been constant visits to the hospital, the collapsing has become recurrent, but I still won’t give up on Kunle, I knew we could still get a heart donor. A year and five months down the line, Kunle had permanently been admitted in the hospital, and then the miracle came. We got a heart donor and it was a perfect match! Whoa! I knew giving up wasn’t even an option, and I’m glad it wasn’t. The surgery was conducted and it was a success. Kunle was discharged on the day of our fifth wedding anniversary. I had my husband back, hale and hearty. He took me to a really nice restaurant to celebrate the anniversary, and when we got home, he said to me, “tonight, we’ll make a daughter. A woman as strong as you are. You have shown me what it is to be a strong woman, and your will gave mine strength to fight. With your strength, I pulled through this phase of my life. You could have given up on my heart, but you made sure your heart was beating for us both. I couldn’t have asked for a better woman by my side”.

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