They met in school.
Her name was Itohan,
and his name, Raymond.
They vibed real good.
They became friends real quick,
and while they saw each other once in a while,
the friendship grew.

Hand shakes aggravated into friendly hugs.
These two began to meet each other at designated spots.
Friendly hugs escalated into long, deep, soul warming hugs.
They enjoyed each other’s company so very much.
The meetings became regular and incessant.
and the poor young man fell in like.
He displayed his like through subtle details.
She paid them not attention.
All the same, it was a beautiful companionship.

She fell in like too but wouldn’t admit it
because she wanted to be just sure she
was doing the right thing.
The chemistry was amazing.
The bond was so strong.

“How is your girlfriend, I.T?” His guys would ask,
he’d blush and say “We’re not dating”
“I hope Ray treats you right”, Her clique would wink and inquire.
Grinning wildly, she’d declare “we are not a thing”.
Days turned into weeks and weeks into months
Months into a year, then two.
They were comfortably wrapped in the blanket of “FRIENDSHIP” as they claimed.
She liked to talk, he liked to listen.
He liked to write, she loved to read.
She liked to cook, he loved to eat.
He liked music, she loved to sing
She liked to smile, he loved to give her reasons to.
Then, he fell in love but wasn’t sure if she had tripped.
They spent quality time with each other.
He told her once that he loved her
and with her heart beating hard against her chest, she ignored him.
Then, something happened.
On one of those full-mooned evenings,
whilst giving her a hug,
he kissed her.
He kissed her neck.
He tilted her head aside and drew his lips closer to her neck.
Then, he buried them there.
He planted a wet, gentle kiss on her neck.
She felt chills.
Her nervous system responded positively to the kiss
She liked the kiss,
but her dispostion was contrary.
He paused the fetish to look at her and her action made his jaw drop.

She ran.
She ran as fast as her legs could carry her into the shelter of her house.
She ran into the comfort of her bed
She draped herself under her blanket,
and began to think.
Of course, about the kiss.
Her mind wouldn’t let her be.
It replayed the scene over and over again
She became sick on high moral standards.
She prayed to God.
She felt something but wasn’t sure what it was.
She was discombobulated.
She saw him the next day but slid by before he even said hi.
She resolved to avoid him like a plague.
Not sure if her decision made any sense, she went through with it anyway.
He wondered if he had done anything wrong.
It affected their moods.
They became withdrawn
He summoned courage and spoke to her about it.
He cornered her and poured out his heart.
He apologized and explained himself.
He was expecting her to yell or do something crazy
but to their amusement, she acted based on impulse.
She kissed his neck and wrapped her arms around him.
He slowly wrapped his arms around her too.
After he recovered from his shock, he whispered into her ears
“We’re meant for each other,
the universe has spoken”.

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