The Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged every corner of the world this year. Honestly, nobody foresaw such impact from the global pandemic that began in Wuhan China late in 2019.With it, came a myriad of challenges and hurdles faced by every sector of the whole world. Many have felt the pinch from it and are doing everything to recover from the pangs of this ravaging invisible enemy.

In this piece, I focus on the impact of the pandemic on lifestyle and relationships an area that has been hugely challenged during this time. Before Covid-19, some people lived life quite comfortably with less challenges for they had stable jobs in their various employment capacities. From high, middle- and low-income earners life was, for lack of a better word -bearable. The year began with much optimism that it would be a great one. Three months in, reality checks kicked in. Retrenchments, slashed salaries became the order of the day.  This quickly became the norm, adding onto the pandemic.

With the economy hugely rattled, businesses were massively affected, some of the small business enterprises facing closure or extinction. Mind you, some of the entrepreneurs had secured loans specifically to start these businesses. All types of businesses were affected whether big or small, established or starting. On the flipside though, not all were severely affected. For instance, hygiene products companies recorded increase in sales because the sanitizers, personal protective equipment, sanitizers, gloves just to name some were on high demand. So, it was not all doom and gloom.

During the start of the pandemic, reduction in both local and international travel and tourism highly increased. For instance, local vacations were reported to have reduced, with areas that usually record high numbers of tourist check-ins sharply reduced. This only indicated one thing- that most revellers had either minimised their movement due to fears of contracting the virus or their finances were extremely stretched. This also applied to party goers. That was then, right now even though the pandemic is not over, people are having controlled fun.

On the relationships side, some families have thrived while others have broken. The root cause of broken families especially during this pandemic is either lack of finances to sustain the family needs or depression due to job loss. Some families are also led by drunkard parents which would often lead to breaking of families. The main victims usually are innocent children. Other families have blossomed or thrived because they got to spend quality time with one another during the stay home directive brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Parents got quality bonding time with their children knowing them even better in the process. 

New couples have managed to take advantage of this pandemic and went ahead and held low budget weddings or in turn headed to the attorney’s office to legalize their union. This saved them on cost and given life to their new relationship. Covid-19 has indeed had both positive and negative effects on lifestyle and relationships.

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