ALICIA Episode 2

ALICIA Episode 2


Grips the reader from the first word to the last…

The emperor’s feast was quite approaching and Alicia wasn’t herself at all. This feast was held every four years in significance to elect a new emperor to head the entire German empire and it was her father’s wish to see her get married before he steps down from his enviable position.

She paced around the room endlessly wondering what love would look like. Alicia starred into space without blinking for a while, the only thing she could hear was the voice of Achmad. Once again, a voice interrupted her thoughts, it was her mother’s.
Alicia dear, I’ve been looking out for you, what are you doing here all by yourself? I.. Um.. I… She stutters. Never mind, your father has been so worried over you? Me? What about me?  She anxiously said. My dear, it’s two months away from the emperor’s feast and yet you keep on dismissing all your suitors.
Mother, I’m still very young and pretty, love comes at will, let’s not push things too far. Alicia, in this case you have to look for love.. That’s a fallacy mum! Why do I feel like you and dad are tired of me and want to throw me out to just anybody. No my dear, don’t think like that. Let me tell you a little story. When I was in my youth, I was just like you, anticipating for a perfect match till my father beckoned on me to get a husband. Your father was one of my best suitors, though I was in lust and not in love, I just wanted him as soon as possible. I mean, who wouldn’t want him? He was every woman’s heart desire to just speak with him talkless of getting married to him. He was rich, good looking and full of dreams.. My lustful intentions lured me into getting married to him and till date, that’s a decision that I’ve not one day regretted.

My daughter, it will be a great deal of embarrassment if your father steps down from power and you are still unmarried. But mum, those are just old beliefs. I rebuke you to call them superstitious! Those are sacred beliefs that have been treasured since the days of our forefathers. It is believed that if you get married, your husband might be next to take over emperorship from your father. The significance of this is to ensure that power remains in the family’s lineage. I hope you understand that. Yes mum, sounding convinced. Very good, I’ll take my leave.

Two days later, Alicia was sent by her mother to run some petty errands. On her way to the market, she bumped into Achmad. “Young man, can you please watch where you’re going?” She said angrily. I’m so.. try, staring in recognition. Excuse me ma’am, have I met you before? Wait, are you Achmad Adalbert? Yeah, I am… Wow!  What a small world we live in! Do you live around this area? Alicia asked. I.. Um.. I actually came to pick up something.. Oh ok, no problem. So, if you’re not in a hurry, why don’t we grab a snack from a nearby caffee? Why not? Sure!

To be continued…

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