We All Have Stories

We All Have Stories

One of the greatest learnings in life is ; when others talk about their problems and you don’t! You don’t talk, you listen!

We all have stories.. Our achievements and also our failures.. We all have friends, neighbors or someone we can share our experiences with but not everyone is happy for us. Not everyone smiles to the fact that we even exist.Everyone has 5℅ of jealousy in them that disagrees with our blessings. Not everyone that smiles with you are truly happy for you..

No matter how trust worthy you feel a person is, do not tell them your plans until you’ve fully achieved it..

Trust no one! Someone once said; the evil that men do surprises even the devil… No one wants to see you doing better than them because of greed.. Greed is an inevitable feeling of unsatisfaction.. Life is meant to be lived and let others live! 

In the world we live in today, everyone wants to be better than someone. We all want to inspire someone with an unaccomplished dream.. Tell no one of your plans to succeed, they would surely hear of it if it works! 

Make a change.. You’ll gain! 

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