Dear Someone I Admire

Dear Someone I Admire

Let’s start from the very beginning, or as early a time as I can well recall. I was a child bent on merely having a good time, until I was forced to look upon you and the gilded path you walked. In many ways, I got my act together and trudged on behind you. I still do, in the calm love and care you show to the ones we call family. I find that I still have much to learn there.

I guess one would have thought that with all our childhood brawls, a ‘disaster’ was looming on the horizon. Some of them were quite intense and physical. Looking back now, it all seems so silly, but I guess boys will be boys. And so you had begun cultivating this iron-clad will of yours from then. Understanding the responsibility that fell on you, you spared nothing, to be all that you could be for those you chose in love. You became the pillar they could all lean on, the battle-ready general they could all rally round.

Love and do what you wish. 

And I think it’s that simple. You love, truly love, and so you do what you do, not merely out of duty.

I was confronted with a deep-seated faith and robust doctrinal knowledge within your members. It had become the most natural thing for you, bringing so many worlds together—the cultural, the literary, the academic—to become one, so permeated with love for God. I pray the Creator to continue this outpouring of grace upon your soul, dearly beloved, that you may never be far from him; that he may bring you to an even deeper friendship with him.

There is still much to do. The world is in need of so much, and you have prepared well. Continue to do what you can, to be what you can, for as many as you can.

An admirer. 

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