Mario Puzo created something quite genius in Don Vito Corleone. While the acceptance of his benevolence is often without ‘consequence’, his sincere concern for his friends and thoughtfulness gave me much to ponder. I wrote these words to a friend in a letter once. We’ve grown apart recently and in stumbling upon this, felt a deep regret. Here’s the letter in its entirety.

Believe me, in my mind, I have many pages of lettering addressed to you. Now, with a blinking cursor and endless blank space, I feel my fingers stiffen, unable to catch up with my thoughts. So, I’ll make do with these fragments; and by God, I hope you can make something of them.

Many look and think upon the rose with such fondness. The prickly nature of its stem does little to obscure its essential beauty. Look upon yourself as men look upon roses. With acceptance of the flaws. In awe of the inherent glow. With forgiveness of errors thus far made. With openness to truth, to a cautious adventure with ideas.

These same eyes gaze upon their fellow humans with disdain and in judgement, so be patient—with their humanity and yours—for many need only understanding guidance to see the very many little perfections in others.

Visit each day with a certain severity to give due import to what need be, but with enough ease to be natural. To be or not to be. That will always be the question.

Your feet may fit the glass slipper and you may dance so gracefully. But do not put the klutz on trial and play judge, jury and executioner. You see, you’re not him/her and (s)he’s not you; and it really is that simple. Just as your strength is in walking, hers may be in the fine movements of the hands or in the picturesque landscape of her mind.


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