A Report of our fourth community project

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A good observer will notice that many Nigerian youths are not thinking of ways to give back to society or make the world a better place starting from their corner.

No one wants to volunteer. We are mostly after the bucks and after our pockets. It’s not a bad thing.

But, we have to give back to society.

We felt that one of the reasons for this attitude towards volunteering is ignorance. Many don’t know and don’t understand the concepts of social impacts.

To solve this problem, we launched the Make it better 4 in all of us project.

The Make it better 4 all of us project was an online campaign that sought to spread the ideas of volunteerism and social Impacts.

If every student understands that he or she can give to society without getting anything in return, we think that Africa will be great. This is because a community of concerned individuals will be raised. These set of individuals are the ones who would eventually occupy leadership positions in Politics, economy, and other fields.

We executed this project on 5th December 2021(world volunteer day).

On 5th December 2021 members of the Tell! Africa UNN community posted fliers of world volunteers day on their status. We waited for a flier but we could not get one. So we used the image below instead

On 5th December 2021 members of the Tell community posted the flier and a short creative write-up on their status. This helped to create awareness and spark conversations about volunteering.

Only 5 people participated in the project. So, we reached an average of 70 students.

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