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In the old days, when the birds of the air could talk to humans and the humans could talk to birds,
Humans dwelt together in Unity and peace. In those days, humans walked through the forest at night without being scared of the Lion, the Lioness and her cubs moved within the neighborhood without fear. You can stand at the Okoja mountain and hear the beautiful songs of the parrot.
This continued till there was a war between the Ogonjas and Amalios- our brothers.
Father ran for his dear life
Mother ran for her dear life
Siblings abandoned one another,
Relatives, every human on his or her heels to save his or her life but there lived an orphan who could neither hear nor talk.
He did not know what was going on.
His mother had died while giving birth to him so he lived off the contributions of people. In our culture, people like that are taken care of by the community
Every day, each family takes turns to feed him and care for him.
The war started when he was 17 years old. At 17, he could take care of some basic needs himself though he was still being assisted by people. Every morning, Edozie went to the forest to catch grasshoppers.
That day he woke up that morning not knowing the ill fate that awaited him.
He dressed up as usual ready to move into the fields.
To protect him, the bird started singing but he could not hear it.
Unknown to him, there was a raging war between the villages that surrounded our Mubatu.
He kept on moving.
The snake tried to warn him but he could not understand.
The Wild beats all tried.
As he stepped into the forest, everywhere was calm as though there had been a fight.
In the old days, when humans fight, the animals hide for they do not want to interfere.
Edozie walked around trying to know what was wrong.
He could not hear the distant chatter. He could only see and understand sign language
While he was there, the enemies who were famished and out of food supplies decided to raid his villa even though tools were not involved in the fight. When they came, everyone took to their heels.
Papa Amaka didn’t know where mama Amaka was 
Mama Ife couldn’t find her children.
For it happened in a twinkling of an eye.
Siblings didn’t remember their siblings, 
Edozie walked into the village in his usual smiling manner, unperturbed even though he caught nothing. The commander of the army yelled at him, but, he only smiled back confusing the commander.
The commander came closer and pointed a gun at Edozie. He smiled, went into his hut, and brought food and water for the commander. In our land, strangers are given food so that they may recover their strength to continue their journey.
It happened that when the commander came closer to him, Edozie sensed how hungry he was and gave him food and drink.
The commander laid down his weapons and commanded his army to stand down. Our land was saved.
The commander and his King  swore an oath before Chukwu never to attack our land again.
That is why this place is named Édóziè. 
So who can tell me why we should be kind to strangers?

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