Ónwa, where did she go?

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Awake all night staring at the beautiful skies,
wondering how beautiful the home of my Chí would be.
 I closed my eyes to sleep for in my culture, we sleep under the watchful eyes of Chukwuokike.
We are not afraid of getting attacked.
Ubosi di nma
The children have all gone to bed. I am left all alone. I am not alone though. Ónwa is here to be awake with me. Sleep eluded my eyes. It should.
I had listened to a great speech.
Call it a motivational speech, I don’t care.
All I care about now is changing my Africa.
I am standing and addressing millions of people.
I am leading remarkable changes.
We are the future🎶
We are the dream🎶
We are the nation-changing history🎶🎵🎵🎵🎵
A background song, The Future by Ty Bello is playing
I am doing great things.
I am winning awards.
I just appeared on Forbes under 30, Africa category.
I just won the toast Masters public speaking championship.
Oh my God!
Onwa! Can you see that?
My courses are successful. They are helping thousands recover from their ugly pasts.
 I am so bold, confident, and smart.
My oh my!
I just secured victory at the polls!
I am sworn in as the new Senate President.
Onwa! Why is everything happening so fast?
Just like that?
I want you all to decide to take action for the good of humanity. Let’s make this world a better place for you and me. Class of 2022, I challenge you to think and act for humanity…
Ónwa! Is that me addressing the class of Fresh Harvard graduates?

“Lotanna,” my mom called. It’s time to go inside.
I opened my eyes only to see my Chí smiling at me.
Ónwa was smiling too.
I am back at my mom’s compound.
But I couldn’t find the other me.
Ónwa, where did she go?
She went nowhere.

There’s a distance between where I am now and where I want to be.

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