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One of the disciplines of Christians is the art of rising early to read the scriptures. I read my Bible every day. This article contains excerpts from my reading today. I have been sharing my excerpts daily on Whatsapp but I feel I should bring them here.

I use Scripture Union’s daily guide devotional.

The topic for today is, The Lord equips his people with strength. 
The Text is, Psalm 18:31-50

David acknowledged God as the source and reason for all his accomplishments. Just as the commentary noted, this psalm is a testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness to David.

In churches, we are usually constrained by time. So we can not entirely express how we feel with the given time.

One faithful Sunday morning, I dressed up and rehearsed my testimony only for me to come to Church and hear, “There is no testimony for today😭”.

After my rehearsals…I rehearsed because public speaking is not easy.

I am learning today that I can write about how God has saved me.

Imagine if the Psalm of David was not documented, will you and I be reading it today?

Further, there are certain realities David mentioned that every believer can ask God for. That is if you are not experiencing that dimension of God already. For instance, David said that “God makes him as surefooted as the Deer, gave him strength and trained him for battle.”

In our turbulent world, we need to be men and women of conviction; as sure-footed as the Deer. Otherwise, we would be moved by every wind of Doctrine. Also, we may lack a correct value system.

Good morning 🌞.
Happy weekend.


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