Water; the Diamond in Enugu city


For some people, water is something available, common, and okay. For us living in Enugu, water is much more than that. It is very precious like a Diamond.

That may be a big exaggeration. I think it is necessary to make such huge claims so you can understand the water problem in Enugu city.

I live in Enugu city. There’s no tedious house chore that I detest so much as fetching water. It’s not for the weak and it’s not a respecter of people.

  It’s not strange to see an old man in his 80’s struggling to fetch water with young men and sweet sixteen.

You may think that the young men would shift so that the older man would fetch water because of his age. That does not happen. They all struggle for it.

As a final-year student, I have decided to learn all about this challenge and find out the real cause. My Thesis is this,” climate change is one of the biggest causes of water scarcity in Enugu city. 

I am going to be documenting my findings here as well as creating awareness for climate change.

It’s real and no one is coming to save us.

If you are free, kindly fill out this survey. Your opinions will help my research.

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