Where do you want to work after school?


Where do you want to work after school?, a friend asked. 

I know this is a bit off as we are in the season of love.Today is Valentine’s day. But I need to speak to undergraduates in public Universities like me.

Hi, I am Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze. I am a final year student. I am studying History and International studies at the University of Nigeria Nsukka.

Today is lovers day. Unfortunately for Nigerian students in most public Universities, the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU has gone on a one month warning strike. Chances are that they would embark on an indefinite strike should the federal government not do what they want them to do.

Waking up to hear this horrific news is disheartening.

I came to school today but my class did not hold. The strike is real. Academic activities have been paused.
No classes.
No assignments.
Nothing till they are back!

So what should I do?
Take to social media and rant about how deplorable the country’s educational system is?

I have decided to channel my energy to something worthwhile.

I discovered in third year that certificates are over rated. I embarked on massive self development, pushing, applying for things with one aim.

Being employable

That’s a good aim but it’s not the best aim.

I have been improving myself but I had no idea where I wanted to work. I never sat down to consider where I would like to work or what exactly I wanted to do with my life after school till my friend asked that question in 2021.

I was silent for the first 30-mins. I couldn’t answer his question. After some time, I muttered , I want to work in an embassy.

He gave me tips on how to achieve this goal. After our discussion, I realized that I had not been self aware and I had no clear after-school plan or vision. Also, I realized that I have not been specific.

The truth is that this is the case with many undergraduates.

ASUU has gone on one month strike.

Show yourself some love and find out what exactly you want to do with your life.
If you are in relationship, that’s cool. You and your partner could use this period to figure out your next steps.

Like my friend asked me, where do you want to work after school?

Since that day we had that conversation, I have been gaining clarity. My goals have been redefined and restructured. I am no longer training to be employeable. I am training to be able to employ labor and be employeable.

By His Grace, I am confident that I will not join the community of confused graduates.

I ask you again, where do you want to work after school?

Happy Valentine again!


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