My next door neighbor

My next door neighbor
  • Our tenant who lived next door,ah!She was a beauty to behold,she was equally rich but there was a cankerworm that destroyed her physical attributes and that was her attitude towards the few people that managed to talk to her.If there was anyone that was more than an introvert and anti-social it would be her,she talked to no one  and would always lock up herself in her house.Sometimes I would even forget what she looked like because we rarely saw her,when I finally saw her drive out of her house in one of her exotic cars,I greeted her with a proper “Good day ma” and a smile on my face but she sighed heavily and drove off,I swore not to greet her again.I began to despise her more than ever,she was so rude to anyone that tried approaching her or knocking at her gate.No wonder she had no children or husband, perhaps no friends because no one came to visit,I murmured.

Days became months and then years and we pretended like we had no neighbor till one day she parked out of the house.The whole street was happy and we felt like a heavy burden had been lifted from us because having to see her grumpy face anytime she drives out was so troubling.

My parents asked my siblings and I to clean up the house in order to prepare it for our new tenants.While cleaning I noticed an old book on the table and it was her diary”so the grumpy lady actually talks to someone😒(her book), that’s a great start”😅..I thought to myself.

I flipped through the pages of the book and what I saw left me shocked.Her name was Mrs Richard from what I read,her husband and children died in a plane crash and her in-laws accused her of killing them as they were never in support of the marriage.Her biological parents? well,turns out she grew up in an orphanage,her close friends?they accused her of witchcraft and being a proxy for bad omen,her neighbors?we didn’t try to find out the reason for her grumpiness😔.Poor Mrs Richard,I thought to myself as the silent hot tears from my eyes soaked the open pages of the diary.I hurriedly went to my parents and told them all I had seen.We filed a missing case report and the police went in search of Mrs Richard but it was too late as she had already drowned herself in a lake.That was it!The end of Mrs Richard,I felt so bad…we could have tried to help her while she was with us,we were late,I accused myself.

This story is my own way of highlighting how people around us suffer from depression and how they may always try to cover it all up with being rude.Nevertheless,we should reach out to people,ask after them,make them smile,help them in any little way we can.

Thank you for reading 😊

PS:This is my first post on tell therefore I’d appreciate it if you drop a comment,maybe constructively criticize the write-up or appreciate it.We could equally talk about ways to end depression in the comment section.Thanks in anticipation.

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