Beginner’s guide to learning Design

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Everyone advises you to get into tech, but no one tells you how to or guides you through finding yourself a niche. Notwithstanding, you are determined so you do your research yourself. You find out you’re most aligned with design. You love the versatility and creativity that comes with it. You are excited. You just passed the first stage of your transition to tech.

So now you’re ready to learn. Learning has never been hard for you, you have what it takes, but you discover that isn’t even the problem. Everywhere you search it’s like the words are written for people who already understand and know what they are doing and you don’t know where to start. Is the you?

One of the problems people who transition into tech face, is finding where to start and understanding the language of their niche.

To properly understand what the niche you are getting into is and have a smooth journey to have to:

1) Start from the basics: Start from the Abc of design you want to know the basics of what you’re getting into and understand it. You also want to make sure you’re learning from the best place.

2)Join a Community: Join a community that have people starting out like you and people who are are already experts in design. Be active and try to connect with people

3) Find an accountability partner: Give yourself tasks and deadlines. Someone who would encourage you to not just quit even been you hit a block

4) keep track of what you learn : Track your progress, the little things you learn matter. Also put everything you learn into practise and visualise them

5) Get a mentor and expert: Talk to someone who has passed the stage you are just getting into. Tell them every thing that confuses and scares you. Ask for tips and advises.

Starting out and your journey in design is going to be hard but this steps would make it a lot easier.
Good luck in starting your journey

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