My 2020 Books in Review!

My 2020 Books in Review!

If you can’t get a mentor, get a book.- Aminat Awogun 2020 

Mid-January 2020, I read my first book for the year- Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates. I had no reading goals, and I still do not have them. The only thing that has changed is I have given my heart to reading and I am not collecting it back soon. If you’re my book buddy, you must have heard me mention this book times without number. The book gave me an insatiable hunger for knowledge, and I haven’t recovered since then. The book, in fact, further cemented my interest in public health. I felt if I could learn so much from a book, then I would have learnt so much from reading many books by the end of the year. That was exactly what inspired my 2020 reading journey.

The Selection of Books

I enjoy reading different genres including memoirs, fictions, leadership, science, self help, thrillers, and essays. I try to find a balance between fictions and non fictions.  

I believe every solution to a problem has been written. All you need do is to get the book and read it. I literally have a book for every problem I have encountered this year. It is that addicting. LOL. Sometimes I look at my E-library and I can tell the problem I was facing when I got the book. Did it help? It 96.701% did. You can’t have a problem too much for a book to solve. Try it and buy me books later.

A book always leads you to another book. “The Future of Leadership” by Brigette Hyacinth led me to read “Enlightenment Now” by Steven Pinker. So I got some of my books based on the recommendation of authors.

I also got some books because I needed to hone my skills and decide on my career path. I got interested in copywriting, content writing, and health communications. So, trust me, I have a trailer of books on this field. Although the path isn’t crystal clear yet, I’m really optimistic. There are one thousand and one books out there that can help you progress in your career. Find them and read them. I have a thing for mad Ads. So I read a book on advertising and copywriting. The book prompted me to start “25 days brand Ad challenge”. You should check the ads on my Instagram page here. You will love it, I promise.

The Challenges

One of my friends calls me a promiscuous reader. LOL.. How do you just stick to a book for days or weeks? Don’t you have other books calling for your attention? I read about 2 to 3 books in a week. I don’t have the patience to finish a book before picking another. It’s like finishing your rice before cutting the meat. How do you do it? Currently, I have about five books sharing my attention.  The downside to this is not finishing some books. Yes, it happens.

Another challenge I faced in my reading journey is getting enough time to read. When the pandemic started, I had more than enough time to read so many books. But after the government lifted the lockdown, I had to struggle between my pharmacy job, researching, writing contents for clients, and reading. My reading rate reduced drastically in July till November. 

My Five Favorite Books in Twenny Twenny

Top of the list is….. Yes, you guessed right.

The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates.

Melinda explained the concept of gender equality. It isn’t about holding the view that women are better than men or women should gain more power than men. It is about giving women equal opportunities. It is about not sidelining women because of their gender. The book also explains how empowering women lifts the world. Check the review here.

 Reclaim your heart by Yasmin Mogahed

Oh my God, Yamin is so sweet. I was watching an Islamic lecture by Yasmin on YouTube. She mentioned this book, and I tried it. The book changed my perception of Love. I had to restructure my heart, LOL, and arrange everything in my heart in its rightful position. The book taught me there’s a right and wrong way to love something. Above all, nothing should supersede your love for God. It is only when we put the love of God in the centre of our heart can we love other things/people appropriately.

Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton

Hatching Twitter is one of my favorite books for sure. It’s a true-life story about how Twitter was born. How a fledging start0up became a multibillion dollar business and accidentally changed the world. The book tells the stories of the co-founders of Twitter. The book gave me a glimpse into what modern tech businesses and start-ups look like. It is, despite its interesting lessons, an accidentally sad story. It’s a scary one.

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

Memoirs have a way of injecting a needle through your heart. Boy! I got teary while reading this book. A mixture of medicine, family, and literature, It’s an account of the life of a 36-year-old neurosurgeon, nonsmoker, battling stage 4 lung cancer.

Fighting Corruption is Dangerous by Ngozi Okonjo Iweala.

Nigeria is so fucked beyond repair. And I’m not sorry for stating that. The former Minister of finance, Madam Ngozi Okonjo Iweala shared her frontline experience in fighting corruption in Nigeria. She described the dangers, pitfalls, and successes in fighting corruption. How corruption can disrupt the development of a nation. The story of how some people are benefiting from a corrupt nation. I highly recommend this.

I had an excellent time with these books this year. Thanks to the pandemic. In the words of Jane Austen, I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading. How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book! When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.

Happy Holidays, guys!! Have fun, with books of course.

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