A Cocktail of COVID Experiences

A Cocktail of COVID Experiences
  • It was in December, 2019, when I chanced on  an online  article about a novel virus wreaking havoc in China. I thought China was far enough from Ghana and hence allayed my fears with the belief that it would never get close to us -even if it did, the west would have discovered a cure before it entered our borders. An excuse to validate my  newly adopted mantra- “all is dandy”. Therefore I must establish how overwhelmingly apprehensive and helpless I felt as the Corona Virus travelled like bush fire in the Harmattan  season from China to Europe and subsequently Africa. 

I am a typical family man, a footballer, a parttime student a full time worker, a son and a soon to be father. For the first time in my adult life, I had to stay home all week with no weekend getaways from my neices’ antics. I must establish that I love them but  full time babysitting is no joke as I become the automtic victim to their boisterous endeavours. 

The lockdown brought a lot of emotional turmoil as I had to explain to my neices why they had to stay within our compound without play mates – making sure to include that it was no atempt at “sitting on their happiness”. How was I to assure them of their safety when I wasn’t even convinced about mine? In addressing my uncertainties, I lifted a frantic cry to whatever forces maybe to spare my life and that of my loved ones- a request which changed as the number of cases soared. Later the prayer was for us to survive even if we contracted the disease. The goal was to stay afloat financially, emotionally and psychologically.

The football season was cancelled, school was out and I couldn’t go out to see my fiancee as I normally did. My life was crushed. Our team was getting ready for the division one league and rigourous training was already underway. Classes were being organised online – an unfamiliar arrangement that didn’t work for me due to our accommodation type. My department was even considering an online examination. But how?. Trying not to sound superstitious, what if my family witches decided to fiddle with the internet connection a few minutes into the exams?What will become of my scores then?.

I however took solace in the fact that we were allowed to go out with face masks and seek essential goods and services. With my face mask and a well rehearsed excuse for which ever security personnel intercepted me, I sneaked into my fiancee’s neighbourhood for the essential service of seeing her.

I am grateful that most of the restrictions have been laxed and the case counts have reduced. However, some expects say there is a likelihood of a second wave of infection. If there is anything I’ve learnt in these difficult times, it is that the human race is capable of scaling seemingly unsurmountable obstacles and surviving whatever conditions that seek to annihilate us. Though it is not possible to see the future from where we stand, I am fully convinced that should we adhere to the prescribed safety protocols, the world will soon be COVID free.

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