Against the run of play, our hostel was been enshrouded by a mysterious wind of quietness these past few days thanks to my roommates. Their workings will leave the devil taking lessons from them. Wande had destroyed Chika’s music box, Obinna and Eze are locked in a battle over Cynthia, the red haired lady from the female hostel.

It took the effort of the hostel manager to separate Nsofor and Dele who had turned the room to a battle ground, the pair had resorted to fighting when the two wouldn’t stop arguing on the supremacy of the G.O.A.T between Messi and Ronaldo.

The hostel manager was the most happiest of all staff in the university right now, against the usual noises and troubles that our room was known for, the usual tranquil and silence in our room made him come pay us a visit, he paced the four cardinals of our room, pushing his heavily potbellied stomach, grinning deviously at us all. He never said a thing until he was about leaving.. He said, shall we pray!

Prayer! We all looked up from our different spots..
You don’t have to say Amen.. ” Dear Lord, whatever conflict has caused this quietness, may they never resolve it, Amen” he saw himself out.

These idiots will do anything for food, so I made a quick dash for Mama Plenty but Rubbish canteen, there I got a plate of Jollof and chicken,I walked into the room like a king, picking a spot in the middle of the room, and I started eating while their eyes feasted on me. I knew the devil in them wouldn’t let them be, before I could say Jack, I was bundled out of the room by my never unserious roommates And like a vulture waiting for my carcass, they perched on my Jollof. I watched from the door as they shared my chicken among themselves.




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