It is said “You can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst.” The truth of this statemet in the occurrences of life is so profound with life taking a different bearing each day. Still on the normal engagements of life, a pandemic decides to strike in and lives have to change in some way. The normal life routines of work and businesses are forced to take another vector with people having to wear the hats of creativity. Employment become a nightmare with the rate of retrenchment increasing and job opportunities becoming more scarce. Businesses curved down in their sales and so adjustments and new strategies had to be employed.After all, no businessman is ready to drive themselves into their own downfall. The COVID – 19 was the new song in the headlines everywhere cause its rate of spread was alarming not to speak of its effects in the lives of people in every continent. The “preparing for the worst” bit became inevitable cause after all there was something to do despite the sudden turn over of events of life. Various measures were put in place by governments for its citizens but what did not come out was how were people supposed to survive finacially? How were the laid off workers supposed to make sure that food was on their table every evening? Those with emergency funds and savings accounts having a third eye, had foreseen some financial crisis somewhere in their life’s, but what happens now that the pandemic has decided to set root for more time. Perhaps more longer than expected and their funds are not stable enough to run them through the unpredictable time that the pandemic will stay. For the entrepreneurs, how flexible are you to adjust to the low income that is being registered and what strategies are there to ensure your business survives in this low tide season.
Start ups have never been easy and during this pandemic season, it was no different. The risking was supposed to be of another level with the stability being a major stake factor to be considered by most entrepreneurs. Insurance would be a solace idea but how about the ability of the insurance to manage the risks if they went overboard? Would entrepreneurs be willing to compromise their huge ideas for small start ups? They say Rome was never build in one day, and being sequential in this journey wouldn’t harm. At least you started and didn’t sit back during the whole season. There would be lessons to learn which won’t be understood if you dint go the extra mile.
A myriad of rhetorics of when the pandemic will just fly away and get people back to their normal lives remains in the minds of most people out there. With the hope that life will be good someday ,then we have every reason to brace up and face every day. After all, happy endings aren’t itchy and new dawns means new opportunities

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