Covid-19 it simply stands for coronavirus disease of the year 2019.It is a viral disease that was reported to have erupted from China . It is said that if someone is affected with coronavirus ,these symptoms displays ; Headache , increased hotness of body , difficulty in breathing and increased use of accessory muscles . No known drug for treatment of coronavirus and what there is people have been provided with self measures to reduce the spread. On 12th March 2020 ,Kenya registered the first case of covid -19.Everyone was shocked on receive of the information for no one believes if it really meant that Corona was a virus to spread all way from China to Kenya being a small country.People with different kinds of talents took a foward step upon encouraging Kenyans to cope and develop a sense to fight the disease.
As per the government of Kenya , tough and responsible rules and regulations were set to safe the kenyas population from being succumbed to covid -19. Some of the established rules were : 1. Personal protective equipments were provided to health care workers , and they included Face masks ,gowns , gloves and face wears. In reality if we look as t the ratio of a nurse to patient is 2:6, here the nurse spreads the diseasefaster and to more people if he / she fails to adhere to the provided rules .
Recommend precautions were, ;hand hygiene upon entry into patient’s bed area, wearing surgical mask by staff and visitors when within 1to 2 meters from the patient.Patients were trained to to practice cough etiquatte and hand hygiene after contact when exiting patient bed area. There are these Two major processes that has helped a lot for the prevention of the disease spread ; Quarantine and isolation…. Quarantine is simply means prenting the infected persons from uninfected through putting them in one place and according the incubation period for coronavirus. After 14 days if confirmed negative , someone to be realsed and stay indoors .

Despite COVID-19 being a disease that everyone has been in dilema of its end some people still believes that some myths exists concerning it’s eruption; 1.Some believes that is a disease that spread from bats ,it is said that the bats excreated their waste products that resulted to a poisonous chemical. 2. Some believes coronavirus is a God’s punishment to people due to their disobedience and solution was initiated in the Bible book of(2nd chronicles 7:14) .3.some Chinese officers were believed to have made a drug that later mismixed the chemicals and erupted as a disease.
But as per the health sector profession there had to be a established community health care volunteers and workers ,that were trained to educate people on the facts about Corona . A sequence of procedures to consider on nose, mouth and eye protection.Mask was for coverage of the nose and mouth to prevent the disease spread through either sneezing, coughing or where there is direct communication . After a period of 24hours the mask has to be disposed and the community people were taught on how to perfect it.Eye wears ,are used to protect eye from direct touch . Or use of goggles to prevent spread through eyes. when removing the mask and the wears ,no touch of the outside place .

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