I know a Selenophile…

I know a Selenophile...

Hey there, I’m Lliana, Llian for short.

I know a Selenophile, and I once asked her, “why do you love to stare out at night, at the moon?”

She smiled and said, “because it comforts me”. 

I gazed at her questioningly and she continued, “the night is void of people, their noise and their stares. It doesn’t judge you but rather, it accepts you. There’s no one to try hard to impress, there’s no one to be there in your moment of weakness, there’s only you. Add the moon to the equation. There is a new kind of feeling, the liberating kind. The kind of light it shines makes you feel better and important.

“The night doesn’t confuse you, it rather helps you to think better, it makes you see things from different perspectives”.

She pulled me up and we began to walk down the street.

“Have you ever gone outside very late at night, with only the moon to guide you? It’s a very nice feeling, with the wind howling, the frogs croaking and the trees swaying softly to the tune. You are there and you are not there. You feel all and you feel nothing. Then you are calm and lost to the scenery.

“Excitement flows through you and you feel like everything is right. When you turn to bed later, you feel fulfilled”.


“I’m a Selenophile, what kind of “phile” are you…?


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