Covid 19: Changing the narrative of wedding ceremonies in Nigeria

Wedding ceremonies in Nigeria are all about the glamour, the food; and how satisfied the guests get, the colours of the day with regards to materials worn by guests and event center, the calibre of guests, the fun especially at the reception and the styles and clothes worn by everyone present,  then comes coronavirus into the country.

With government’s directive at first of not having not more than 20-50 persons in a gathering, Nigerians were forced to be creative on how to go about making their special day worthwhile. 
Couples had to resort to having a quiet and low resources wedding otherwise known as a ‘low key wedding’ in the true sense of minimal guests, limited food, informal clothes/attires and no reception which most say is the reason for the wedding ceremony in the first place.
Some couples now say covid 19 has helped in making a low funded wedding ceremony the new ‘in-thing’, while expensive wedding ceremonies are now viewed as a show off not welcomed especially with regards to the guests safety.
The question is with time would we result to status quo or are we going to keep to limited resources wedding ceremonies or better still ‘Low key wedding ceremonies’?.
What then happens to Nigeria known for its ever present  ‘Owanbe culture’?.

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