Die a reader

Die a reader


I’ve heard of the beautiful story
Of Ruth abókokú;whose love was never ending
Such is my endless love for You.

I’ve heard of that of the snail and it’s shell
Such is the kind of love I have for You.
For I can’t exist without You.

Though life in it’s ignorance says
Man can only exist, consuming food and water
But from you I fetch live.

So if loving you
Would make me an outcast
I’ll rather be one; and be in vogue for You.

People complain of drowning
While sailing through you
But I found comfort walking on your sea without fear of tides.

I would love to die
With you by my side
So I can use you as ticket to enter into your real world.

I’m on a death mission with you
It’s a gain to break free from this world with you
For i’m ready to die a reader.

_Duet by_

*Emmanuelle Arijeniwa Olabisi*
*Silly pen*


*Lebi victor Emmanuel*
*_oluwa vhe trump*

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