Doing the unusual

As I go through life journey
Over hills and mountains
I learnt that there is nothing new under the sun.

I am only in my teen chapter
And barely understand
What the saying is all about.

But I know for sure
That my own gourd has created a different place for rope to stay,
For I’m special.

Inside my feeble chest
Lies a mind
With great fantasies.

Even in my wary hands
beauty took abode
Fixing myself up when I found no one.

Academics and hand work
Listens to my voice
Even when they are called together.

Without war they would sit together
Without fight they would feed in a plate
Without their differences they would make me special.

Doing the unusual
Others see as abnormality
But that is where my speciality drip.

Duet by

*Lebi Victor Emmanuel*


*Abdulraheem Faisat Oyinkansola*

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