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 I can tell you about a state

Where the pride is buried at the gate
Of history.

There you’d find a boy
Whose heart is null and void
Not sure of getting a place in his father’s culture tomorrow.

I will tell you about a region
Where liars leads the union
And truth has no right to speak.

There you’d find youths
Walking on bear foot
Begging to meet earns.

I can show you a country
That can’t protect it’s boundaries
From harmed internal/external attackers.

There you’d find soldiers
Killing unharmed protesters
While holding flags.

I can show you a land
Where academic sit on the ground
Looking depressed and wary.

There you’d find a college religious sister
Now sugar daddy’s favourite pornstar
With 100% good life guaranteed.

Then I will take you to my Homeland
Where human life is nothing but a rag
That can be thrown away anytime.

There you’d find me
Hustling on the street
Day and night.

Lebi Victor Emmanuel
_oluwa vhe trump

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