Standing in front of you
Your lips moving like they’re dancing to the demonic rhythm
Ushering words which seem to journey from the pit of hell
Hands gesticulating like those of an ogre in a cotillion
I can’t seem to find myself in your pretentious harangue.
Words fail me to express the extent of your gullibility
For gone were the days your presence held me hostage in what I thought was a glorious ambience
With fear I had graciously danced to your melody of shame
You were Running wild and my soul was broken
A bilingual and parralel mind, indecision at its peak
And like a mighty rushing tornado
Suddenly with all its might
The courage came like a two edged sword
That fear’s gained insurmountable courage That’d never bow to your selfish obligations
That’d never be ridiculed
Or cajoled to be a slave
Neither made to carry your weight of irresponsibilty
For gone were the days I was a rat hiding from the cat
For I’m now the lion that makes every animal including you tremble with fear
And I’m empowered to say no
And stand my ground
I’m woman of substance
A mother to the future
A trainer of light
A crooner of freedom
For I’m free
Free from violence..


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