Hidden in Eden

Hidden in Eden

“Hey, I’m Onaolapo. My friends call me Lappy, but you can call me Lappie.” She said having stood for some minutes unclad examining her physical features in front of the giant sized mirror in her room. She had been practising for over four days but her uneasiness started a week earlier when she met the man of her dream. He is her knight in shining armour. His beards looked well-trimmed; one fit for a new recruit in the army and does very little in hiding his chin that is closely connected to the jaw. It was never so hard to discover he is trying hard to create a dimple, one he looked like he blamed God or his mother for not possessing. The dark eyes which he always believed were brown looked captivating and he believed any who looked at it for too long would fall prey. His charm had worked on Onaolapo.
Outside, the cloud looks pinkish like it was nearing the dead of the day and it would rain. But the hustling and bustling of the Sapele road proved otherwise; most of the grocery stores were still opened, children were heading back to their homes, office workers were just about closing and Onaolapo was going to waive a car down. She waved and a neat Rolls Royce pulled up and unwinds his glass. He peered through the glass compartment and hollered, “Yo girl, what’s a lady in such a gorgeous dress like you doing under this weather?” “Searching.” The word came out faster than planned. “Searching for a cab or Mr right?” He winked and gave a mock smile. “You can roll your Rolls out of here for all I care.” “Come on, that was pun intended. You need not be angry. According to a study, angry girls under the kind of atmosphere you’re, right now, never get upset. They usually open their teeth, fake a smile, turn around and look behind their ears to check if boys like me will persist. Let’s save each other’s stress. I like you and I know you’d like to leave where you are. Want a lift?” “I’ll pass. Thanks”
In school the following day, Onaolapo in her tight blue jeans and vintage shirt passes through the quadrangle and sights Kelvin seated with the boy she met the day before. Kelvin is dressed in his loose blue shirt and black pant trousers. “ Omo, he get one babe wey I meet yesterday ehn… she dey set pah but she no gree make I sabi her. E be like say I don catch am for this your area before. I dey reason say she go fit reason me say I carry my maale car, but she no gree fall for am,” KK tells Kelvin. “Well, you know I’m not interested in stuff like that. If you want a girl, go for her. No dey carry your maale abi paale car go dey do guy. If dem like you, dem go follow.” Onaolapo hears as KK replies Kelvin. She had wanted to know Kelvin since the very first day that she stumbled into him. That was Kelvin’s third year which was her first. He had rushed into her unknowingly during her registration in the faculty and the way he pleaded melted her heart on a spot.

The following morning, seated in the white plastic chair that has the name of one of the fellowships that had faded away, but whose name can be traced out based on the deep knowledge of the observer Onaolapo soliloquises “Kevin is a friend to that idiot? Is it really the same Kelvin I’ve been trying to get to notice me? Okay, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for. I’ll become a friend to whatever his name his, and through him, I hope Kelvin notices me.” She dresses to kill that day and goes out.
Lappy walks Intentionally and majestically and ensures one foot does not meet the other on the ground, they alternate and rhyme perfectly as if there’s an invisible tune to which she dances. She never thought her pattern normal, not until she discovers no one walks without the feet alternating their touch on the ground. Albeit, she became extra careful and discovers she’s added flesh. Disappointment doused her intention, but she would rather fail than not try.
She got to the faculty, walked into the quadrangle, sees Kelvin at the same spot where he was with KK the day before and walks up to him without thinking, “Hi, may I sit?” “Sure.” She sits and admires him well enough for him to notice. He acknowledges and precedes “I was actually about going to see a movie at the Arts Theatre, I’m sorry I don’t have the time to accompany you.” “Romeo and Juliet?” she asks and he replys very weakly “yeah…” She mumbles under her breath “I could accompany you if you wouldn’t mind.” “Sure, why not.” They left.
At the theatre, the stage is set. The look is that of the amphitheatre where the stage is raised and chairs are set about in a semi-circle form. Unexpectedly, he questions her “What do you think of that stage?” “Stage?” “Yes, stage.” “Well, it’s not bad.” She managed to say. “Just that?” “Well, what do you want to hear?” “ Don’t bother.” Halfway into the play, she started to doze and kept brushing her head against his bony right shoulder. Kelvin jerks her awake “ They are done?” Kelvin gave her an angry look that only his mum is excluded from receiving before he replies, “No, they aren’t and where are you headed after this?” “Home.” She said excitedly and quickly adds, “Would you please accompany me? It’s okay if you don’t want to, I’d totally understand. I’m a total stranger, you just met me.” He felt pity for her, even though he knows he owes her no moral obligation, but he thought, “It could be an avenue to understand the biblical writings of ‘knowing a lady.’” “Yes, could we go now?” “I’ll be glad.” She answered. They eased their way out of their convenience in the theatre and got home in no time.
At home, she offers him her 3 by 10 inches bed to sit and he gladly did. She tells him she needs to use the bathroom, and before he could muster Jack Robinson, she tells him to back her and undresses. She slips into her towel and leaves for the bathroom. While alone in the room, Kelvin could not control his urge to think of what was under the pink towel with white stripes. He totally forgot the route he thought he had perfectly taken in. All he could picture now is a girl in a room unclad bubbling with bubbles in unimaginable places. He couldn’t help looking through her things; those hanging on the 2 by 4 nails hanging loose on the wall`, those neatly piled on the bed and those stacked in the box. He picked up the panties he thought she might have dropped when she undressed, pressed it hard to his nostrils and deeply inhaled the smell.
While he was lost in the world of the panties he had tucked to his face he was jacked to reality with “What!” that echoed from the one who had disappeared to the bathroom earlier. He startled, not only because she had caught him doing that but because she was naked and he couldn’t help looking between her legs. “You like what you see eh?” He nods like one who needed to because a contrary answer could result to what he might not like. She nears him and they kiss as he smooches her. Deep within, he was glad but shivers. He knew he was colliding with his faith, or rather, what he thought his faith was or what he was taught as his faith. He blocked his mind and decided to enjoy the moment. He kissed, smooched, fingered and penetrated her. He felt lost in lust, but, he was satisfied, for the moment. He never gave room for regrets before regrets. “Regrets are hidden in Eden.”

By B.M.O.

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