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December’s gradually wrapping up. 2020 has been such a long ride.😶

On today’s theme, I’ll like to point out how food played a major role in the most famous stories of reconciliation.😋

Indulge me as I begin.

…the fattened calf…

The story of the prodigal son is very popular. The focus varies from the wayward lifestyle of the Prodigal son, the Loving welcome of the Father to the somewhat-spiteful older brother who had been labouring on the fields.

However, I would like to provoke your thoughts with something my friend, Dawn Of Joy, shared with me.

Let’s talk about the choice feast, shall we?

In Luke 15:23&27, there is a repetition of THE FATTENED CALF not just a fattened calf but THE.


In English parlance, THE is a definite article used to denote certainty.

From this, we can infer that the Father had anticipated the return of His estranged son, and so He tended THE fattened calf with such grand hopes.


The Father gave up the best robe, ring and sandals, and even had THE fattened calf slaughtered. Not just any calf, but THE fattened calf- HIS BEST. Jesus was the sacrificed fattened calf that had to wait 33 years before slaughter. 

Our Father wants you to understand that the robe of righteousness, ring of His authority and the sandals of His peace belongs to you because he has sacrificed his fattened calf for you.

If you are a child of God but are in the pigpen right now, you need to come to your senses, acknowledge your sins and come back home.


P.STo those who are already home, put on your best clothes and come let’s celebrate the arrival of our friends.

Don’t be like the older brother who wasn’t glad to have his brother back.

Would you not join in the celebratory feast or you would rather sulk in your little corner? Don’t hold onto their past mistakes. Let the ones who return receive your love. There’s more than enough room for every willing heart.

Remember: God sees you as valuable. You’re never too far from his reach.

God’s Kingdom has space for you. Yes, even You!

The homecoming promises to be loud and dignified. See you there! 🎉 


Song SuggestionTo You by Maverick City.

Safe and happy travels,

Faith, for the Royal Rubies.

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