I talk and I don’t

I talk and I don't

Ever had something on your mind that you could never share no matter how much you tried? It’s right there, at the tip of your tongue, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to spit it out. It weighs you down, makes you sad and sometimes bring forth tears.

This is what I feel every time. No matter how much I try, I just never connect with people on that level. I have hidden my emotions since I was a kid and it has in no way changed. 

You would never know this part of me though. Like a snail, I hide under my bubbly shell. When I see you, we’ll talk and laugh but on mainly superficial things. I hardly talk on social media, what would I say? Maybe I’m scared. Maybe not

I’ve loved, liked and felt a lot of emotions like everyone but it’s ten times harder because I keep it all in. Chances are that I’ve never told you how much you mean to me or how I feel about your words.  I used to write but I stopped a while ago for a reason I knew not.

You probably know me. I am that person who knows everyone, that one you smile at and exchange greetings with, the one you think you love but in truth, you barely know. I am your sibling, the one you rant to about your hair and friends. I am your co-worker, I get the job done but you hardly give me a second thought.

I’ll be back

– Tinyvoice

P:S – My voice is not in any way tiny 

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