I’m exhausted

I’m the first of three children and honestly it is exhausting. My siblings are just so disrespectful and annoying. I can’t tell them anything and they do it. The eldest of the two will say hurtful words with a smile when I tell her to do a simple chore. “Dress the bed” or “remove the clothes from the bed” is a problem. She’ll argue hours telling me reasons why she shouldn’t do it. “I dressed it before” or “I didn’t drop the clothes there” she’ll argue. The youngest is even worse “don’t you have hands” he’ll say when asked to do something.

Sometimes, I wish they weren’t my siblings. I’m older than them for more than four years and yet their attitude is horrible. I wonder if others go through this same thing.

I’m so tired. My sister will even bring God into it and tell me I like holding grudges when I know that I forgive and forget ones wrongdoings easily.

I hardly even get angry unless a particular thing keeps happening concurrently. What do I even do with them? Will ignoring their very existence do the trick? I’ve spoken with them severally but they’ll only see things through their own perspective.

My heart hurts and tears roll down my cheeks as I write this. I’m exhausted, tired of being angry all the time. Tired of feeling hurt by the ones I love. 😥

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