Lime green

Lime green


Today I saw a boy. Well, he was not really a boy, he is still somewhere in that confusing gap between teenagehood and adulthood.

I sat behind him on the bus, absently staring at his afro haircut. Suddenly, he looked to the side, at the cattle along the roadside being led by a Fulani man on their literal search for greener pastures. 

At that moment, I was gifted with the most beautiful thing since glitters was made. His eyes captivated me. They were lime green and had specks of gold, orange, and brown in them. These other colors danced to the rhythm of the sunlight reflected in them.

He looked forward, depriving me of those delightful eyes. I used this opportunity to study his other features.

His shoulder was broad and went on for days. He’s fair complexioned. From the side, I could see his eyelashes. I was taken aback by their length for I thought he fixed them but on closer inspection, I could see that they were real, as real as the tar on the expressway.

On his lap sat a young boy, a preteen. The boy is probably his brother from the protective way he held the boy’s shoulder.

The guy sat tense. His body language made me think of a fully blown balloon, one prick of a needle and boom, it explodes.

He kept looking back and I wondered if he expected a gang of men to jump down from one of the moving vehicles and grab him just like the scenes of a typical Indian crime movie. He tightened his hold on the boy’s shoulder.

I looked at his eyes again and noticed something else now that I was over the initial spell they had cast on me. His eyes were haunted like they had seen something no human ought to ever experience. 

My heart ached and went out to him. I always have a soft spot for victims. Probably because I feel like I can heal them.

The bus came to a stop at Berger bus/stop. He hurriedly guided his brother down before following. I fumbled with my numerous bags. By the time I got down, he was already ahead of me by some distance.

I walked fast to catch up with him. What I would say to him, I had no idea.

I just wanted to look into those beautiful eyes, hold his hands or give him a hug. Anything just to let him know that all will be well, eventually.

He was about to pass by the side of a bus and cross the road beyond so I speed up. In my haste, I bumped into someone who pushed me in return.

I got back my balance but by the time I looked towards the bus, he was gone, gone forever. I only hope that whatever troubles him, he finds rest and peace of mind.

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