Mother is home..( Happy Birthday Maami )

Mother is home..( Happy Birthday Maami )

Having gathered so much knowledge
Enough for my own urge,
I felt mothers eulogies are exxaggerated,
And i swayed away, from the appeasement of my mother, away from Home!!!
Yet across the nile, and beyond my deprecuating factor was visible to see….
For i am the greatest fool,
Who despiseth the honor and power of mother…

Mother, the home in a house
The only place i find succour
Weak and yet terrestial in her watch
You are a God, for through you is my life

Where can i find solace
The world beyond, has many millions miles,
Spaces, and matter..
I find so many women but gives joy but for a number of days,
In my mothers cubicle is where i find comfort
A Small kitchen as compared to the many raised stones of men of wealth,
But in mothers small hut is where my life begins and should end…

I know nothing as compared to the times of mother, when true mother-hood was tested
A rejected stone by the many eyes of the world,
Tossed around life a leaf at the seashore
But in my mothers hut do i find substance
Son, there is no love out there except the one from a mother….

Incomparable, indefatigable, inestimable, irreplaceable, incorruptible, inexhaustible, irresistible…my MOTHER, you are indispensable….
And no matter how witty i am with pen, nor the world a paper, and the seas ink, the eulogies of mother shall know no bound….
I tell you, mother is the home in my house, for in her small cubicle is where i found love.
Love eternal…..

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