NGO provides palliatives for the marginalized Egbeda Community

NGO provides palliatives for the marginalized Egbeda Community

NGO provides palliatives for the marginalized Egbeda Communit

Dawodu Oluwananumi Co- Founder HealthDrive Nigeria, an initiative tasked with the responsibility of advocating and creating awareness against infectious diseases in Nigeria embarked on a project to distribute palliatives and nose masks to the residents of a marginalized community of Egbeda in a bid to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Lagos state, the epicenter.
The project “COVID-19 Food Drive” which was initiated by Dawodu Oluwananumi, Co-founder HealthDrive Nigeria was carried out in the area of Abati Shasha, Egbeda and was supported by The Pollination Project, an international Grant giving organization based in the United States of America.
In partnership with Hi-impact TV, the organization provided palliatives to 100 households amounting to over 500 beneficiaries and also distributed over a 100 face masks to the residents of the community.
The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is putting the world’s most vulnerable people at even greater risk, both from the virus itself, but also from it’s potentially long-lasting impacts on the mission to end extreme poverty by 2030. Millions of people have been displaced from their homes, while infrastructure and basic services have collapsed. Over 7 million people are in need of urgent life-saving assistance, while the food and nutrition crisis is massive.

HealthDrive NG alongside Hi-Impact TV in conjunction with The Pollination Project focused specifically on providing malnourished children and their families with food assistance, and ensuring that their families are supported with livelihoods options. We successfully provided lifesaving assistance, especially food assistance to 100 households in Abati area Shasha.

We prioritized providing food assistance and face masks to female-headed households, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, child-headed households, elderly households, and people with disabilities because we are worried that there aren’t enough resources to address the crisis.

The COVID-19 outbreak is a burden to an already existing, prolonged crisis where people have been suffering for a long time. Should there be an outbreak in overcrowded areas, we fear there is a high risk that many people will suffer from malnutrition.

According to the Team Lead of the Food Drive project who also serves as the Co-founder HealthDriveNG Dawodu Oluwananumi, the project which was conducted on the 17th of May was necessary to help tackle the acute hunger caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in Lagos state and he encouraged other individuals and groups to get involved in the fight against the pandemic.
Before the COVID era Nigeria suffers extreme food insecurity with over 3000 Nigerians dying daily due to Hunger and undernutrition. Certainly the COVID-19 pandemic would only amplify the ongoing social injustice hence the need of urgent interventions such as the project Food Drive to effectively cater for the food insecurity during the pandemic. Thanks to our volunteers especially Dr Balogun Seyon Modupe, Chukwu Ejike, Amuzie Rose ihudiya, Blessing Reham Etoma who displayed bravery as frontliners in this project and ensured that the project was birthed into reality.”

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