No Pain No Gain

No Pain No Gain


We sweat profusely
As hot sun burned our skin
Moving vehicles, splashed mud on us
We were beaten by the heavy downpour.

To the world we appeared foully
I thought they said table always turn
So then, when will riches comes our way
When will success dance to our beat.

Why is it that we work hard and still begat failure?
Why is the just paying the dept of sinners?
Why are believers begging from pagans?
Why is the son of a butcher eating bone?

We took risk, and sometimes sustained injuries
In the belly of survival,
Lies pains and worries
Still the world mocked us, and said we need ‘revival’

But, as the elders would say
“Work is the only pill against poverty”
We choose to sail with wisdom.

We’ll keep believing
We’ll keep striving
We’ll keep struggling
We’ll keep hustling

Even when we know
It’ll never be easy
And the journey might sometimes be messy
We choose not to make money Illegitimately!

_Duet by_

*Adetoro Omotoyosi Gift*
*Lebi victor Emmanuel*

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