Noisy silence

‘Inner peace….inner peace.’

There I was, legs folded quite oddly, the blood clotting around my knees became more discomfiting but I guess it was my payment for being insensitive to her, or so she said. 

Yoga?! Of all things to do on a Saturday evening. I shook my head.

‘Young man, no movements’, the instructor said, ‘let all of you bask in this silence’.

My eyes closed and I went back. She was yelling and crying. She threw her bag, threw the pillow and screamed, ‘I hate you, I wish we never met!’

I shouted back, ‘I hate you twice as much, I’d rather be dead.’ I was fuming, I couldn’t hit her, I thought my words did the trick. I couldn’t be more wrong. 

The scream was so shrill, I heard glasses shatter. And I heard my icy heart breaks. She sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. 

I couldn’t control myself. I loved her more than I ever thought. I fell on my knees, I held her in my arms and I kissed her head.

Inner peace…inner peace.

Her noise made my fears silent. 



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