Owo Da?

Owo Da?
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I can hear hearts crying

Not in the jungle,
I can see stars die in our bosom
They plead for life.

Maybe we flew off track
At our teenage years
Maybe time wasn’t good to us
But strongly believe, we can still meet time on the way.

Sick mama, on the bed dying
Pregnant wife, baby kicking
Sibling schooling
I chose to be friend to hustling .

Our cage is now ruled by wild dogs
Patron now bagged us their sweat for our services,
Just because dogs demands more.

*”Owo Da”* they will bark,
Tearing us into pieces if we fail,
For justice is too expensive, the masses can’t afford,
For they will always bite their way to success.

Tell them our sacrifices has been accepted,
Tell them, nemesis is by their door,
Tell them, the one that wrote the lines on our palms is here to save us.

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