This trend had to stop. Dolapo was the 9th guy this week. She looked at his handsome face and chiseled body as he slept peacefully on the bed. He was amazing. He made her reach climax (that was one of the reasons she liked him most out of her 12 boyfriends). She tried to creep quietly from the bed but it made a little squeak sound. Her heart skipped, but he was still asleep. Thank God.
She searched the small room for her clothes and undergarment, put them on and made her way to door. Standing at the threshold, she looked back. She didnt want to leave. The unquenchable, devilish desire was creeping in again, but she had to leave.
“Why do I keep doing this? I love my husband”. She thought as she sat on her bed in her apartment at Banana Island.
“He takes care of me and gives me everything I need and ask for. Am I cursed?”. The thoughts of how Tunde, her husband had pulled her from the gutters, refined her very existence and given her all the things she claimed to own flooded her thoughts. “I dont deserve this…any of this but I canā€™t control this feeli…,”she thought to herself as the familiar, ungodly urge completely took over her.
Her sense numb. Her thoughts scrambled. All replaced by a single urge to get that thing between a mans legs. What am I going to do now…this feeling is back.
She looked out through the window to check if the gateman was around.
“YUSUF…YUSUF, come hear this instant, I have an errand for you.”
Yusuf : “Ok ma. I dey come”.
He was a gullible hausa man, but for this feeling to leave her, he would have to do.

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