Poetry: Spinsterdom

Poetry: Spinsterdom


Part -2



POINT OF VIEW: Portrays that, till date Africans gentle persons were in the stage of immaturity, naiveness and in cultural primitive.Hundred of years,our great-grand-fathers fought against strangers’ incursion and their initiation for creating unfamiliarised atmospheric condition in Africa .Contrarily, nowadays , due to evil *ideology* off strangers left; made Africans to fight two enemies of inner and outer sides of theirs.

FOCAL POINT: Is still Africa a spinster that wailing for Marriage to bright development and definite humanity?






We aren’t seeds , sowing.
Graving our freedom,
Denying our wisdom
We aren’t debris burning.

Maturity begot, ages hacking.
Lady dating dude in doom:
Teen Swagging smile in dim.
Strangers,what a SQL hacking?

Encumbering our Rights,
Smothering our audacity
Queue Fathers’ corpses on lake
The devils in century,in nowadays.

Blacks,an allusion of trauma!
Kill by dim and pale bacteria.

© ® 28/9/2020√
Babangida B. Shira

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