*Re – Prince Jibril Ette*
*MURIC Should Apologise To CAN Urgently*

By Bolaji O. Akinyemi

Notably, like every well spanked naughty child, a peer of Ishaq Akintola has taken to the space to stand with MURIC. Unfortunately, like his adjunct Professor, he being undiscerning of the issue, shallow in reasoning and incomprehensible of communication wrote a pitiable piece.

I am shocked that neither the Professor or his errand runner, a faceless Jubrl Ette, are capable of attending to issues raised!

Lagos State Government needs to get the work log at the collapsed building out for the world to see that “our brother a Pastor”, Christian, and Yoruba by tribe hired some Muslims to work on that project, and indeed, like their Christian colleagues, died with that project! How can some heartless clowns turn a time of mourning into a moment of mockery?

Akintola and his organ of bullying; MURIC failed to deploy their learning to admit that a town planner is not qualified in the first place to work as a project engineer for such a project. An alleged town planner sought employment as a civil engineer, and a Professor wants him to get the job because he is a Muslim!

It is about time that Akintola’s Professorship be investigated. Professor of what? His thoughts processing and verbal diarrhoea is an embarrassment to the academia and Lagos State University! Should competence be sacrificed on the altar of religion? To think that he kept quiet until the man, who ought to have a right of reply died, is nothing but cowardice! Or is it that he is rejoicing of the dead and the entire Lagos state for the unfortunate incidence?

I think the attention of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCEA) should be drawn into this embarrassing situation of this MURIC’s sacrifices of scandal for cheap popularity. They should kindly call the tantrum throwing Ishaq to order and compel him to apologise to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and also to the Afenifere, the umbrella body of all Yorubas that he drew into the issue needlessly!

It is out there in the open that the Nigerian system is screwed against the Christian faith and any tribe where we are in the majority must bear the brunch of Jihadists attack dogs! Tribes where we are in the minority are worst hit by genocidal attacks effectively covered by their agents in Government, as terrorists would rather be called bandits, kidnappers or at worst insurgents, while we the Christians look on! An unofficial ambassador of Government among terrorists even had the gut to refer to them as “freedom fighters”!

But when a Christian businessman uses his faith as one of the parameters for employing his staff, Muslims are maligned and marginalized! Who in the whole world is not afraid of Muslim genocide and Islamic bombing tendencies?

When Muslims officially met at the Islam in Africa Organization Conference and passed a resolution in Abuja in 1989 to “ERADICATE in all its forms and ramifications all non-Muslim religions … these religions shall include Christianity”, such resolution is the will of Allah! Are we still wondering at the onslaught against Christianity in Nigeria? Is the plan not right now here in our presence being carried out and enforced before our own very eye?

When Mosques are built freely all over Nigeria but Churches are not permitted to be established in Muslim dominated areas in the North, that calls for celebration by Akintola and his MURIC of mockery!

Should we mention Islamic terrorism? How about Government sponsored discrimination on the basis of religion in violation of Section 10 and Section 38(1) of the Constitution? These will NOT raise dust!

It is the choice of a late businessman, running his personal business according to his preference that will give Akintola, his Ette brother and their MURIC sleepless nights!

Let us call a spade a spade, we need to be honest and address these issues, let us start from the 1999 Constitution! Muslims cannot give Islam prominence in “their” Constitution of Nigeria while other religions are excluded completely and lied that the document represents, “we the people of Nigeria”, but cry foul that a Christian businessman chose not to employ a Muslim!

The rejoinder written by one Prince Jibril Ette, Chairman, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), Akwa Ibom chapter, who also said his name is Prince Jibril Ayu-Akpanim, whichever to believe as his identity, who wrote; “for the fact that he repeatedly smeared the outstanding image of Prof Ishaq AKINTOLA, the Director of MURIC, referring to his excellent contributions in addressing the plight of maligned Muslims in and outside Nigeria as ‘one man group’, ” berates intelligence.

We are yet to hear Akintola’s voice on the maligned indigenous Hausa tribe of Kastina State who are being wiped out by the Fulani lords! Was Akintola on holiday when the Governor of Kastina State accused Fulanis of fomenting the trouble that have engulfed the home state of Mr. President? Or the MURIC has no say in all that?

Finally, he needs to mind his business and stop playing busy-body in issues that concern the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) all the time. Goggle it, he has no other job than always attacking, condemning and insulting CAN, or is that how to promote Islam, – the “religion of PEACE”? I wonder!

Dr. Bolaji O. Akinyemi
The Apostolic Round Table
(A Project of Voice Of His Word Ministries)
10th November, 2021




I am Dr. JULIUS B. ODOFIN the chairman Emeritus of ECWA Lagos West.

I’m a hardly responder to issues that doesn’t speak to objectivity and common sense so as not to dignify the ignorance of some writers just to show their biases against non-muslim adherent especially the Christian family and hatred with passion for same. Jubril Ayu-Akpanim just displayed same attitude like Ishaq Akintola his heroes in causing disaffection between the Muslims and Christian families. Prince Jibril failed to address issues raised by Dr Bolaji Akinyemi that led to his conclusion that Prof Akintola is ‘a one man group’ because he is surely not representing sane, thoroughly educated and objective Muslims across the globe. I counsel Prince Jibril to Google Muric President in Nigeria and go over series of write-ups of Akintola if he is true an unbiased crusader of what true Islam represent. If you come to same conclusion with him, then you too would be properly placed. I look forward to your objective response. Nothing to apologise for in Bolaji Akinyemi’s submission. Regards to Prince Jibril.

(Dr. Julius Odofin is a Christian religious leader for decades.)

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